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Well in my last post you heard that stress was getting to me. I seem to be doing better now and want to share something with you. I know that people who work at home or on their computers all the time sometimes isolate themselves. Some Internet Marketers are like hermits, hiding in their home office all day long, only coming up only to eat. That’s not healthy for you or your family life. You have to have a work life balance.

Internet Marketers need to reduce stress

I have 70 Ways for Internet Marketers to Reduce Stress. It’s a long list so read it and pay close attention. It also piggy backs off of my other post about Time Management and Productivity

These are in no specific order but you’ll see some patterns emerge:

Make Lists | Take A Deep Breath | Exercise | Sing a Song | Eat Right | Call a Friend | Laugh at Yourself | Ask others for help | Smile | Set Realistic Goals | Take Breaks | Prioritize Tasks | Delegate Work | Avoid Clutter| Have a Hobby | Use Proper Lighting | Keep Noise Down | Talk Things Out | Visualize a Peaceful Scene | Learn to Relax | Budget Time and Money | Take A Deep Breath | Plant a Garden | Massage Tense Muscles | Reward Yourself | Go Out to Lunch | Meditate | Set Limits | Think Positively | Count to 10 | Enjoy Small Pleasures | Avoid Junk Food | Practice Teamwork | Believe in Others | Believe in Yourself | Confront Your Feelings | Be Kind | Cry if Necessary | Take A Deep Breath | See Problems as Challenges | Stop and Smell the Roses | Love Others | Love Yourself | Avoid Unnecessary Meetings | Screen Your Calls | Never Drink and Drive | Give Hugs | Seek Out Positive People | Be Faithful | Read Good Books | Remember Your Triumphs | Laugh Often | Take A Deep Breath | Remember: Time Heals | Get Regular Checkups | Take a Walk | Get Organized | Do Neck Rolls | Avoid Dangerous Drugs | Be Flexible | Stretch Often | Control Your Weight | Avoid Distractions | Set Reasonable Deadlines | Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff | Learn to Say “No” | Forgive and Forget | Use the Right Tools | Don’t Procrastinate | Reflect on Your Joys | Encourage Others | Get Up Earlier | Break Up Monotony

Take A Deep Breath

If you do a quarter of the things listed above, you’ll be on your way to reducing stress. Do you have anything else to add? If so please a comment below.

Have a wonderful day,

- Michael S. Copeland

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  1. vladi says:

    That picture is funny as hell wow. but its true.

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