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Guerrilla Balance SheetI thought I’d tell you all about the new report “Guerrilla Balance Sheet“.

The first thing I noticed was this report is pretty long at over 50 pages! It was actually surprising. The “Guerrilla Balance Sheet” is also very well written and easy to understand.

This is not a re-hash report by all means. This is some new concepts to Guerrilla Marketing that I’ve never really thought about before. I mean this was made with the father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson. As with most low cost reports, there is probably more to come. However, based on what I’ve seen in “Guerrilla Balance Sheet” the next thing will not disappoint!

The gist of the report is that it helps business owners “Never run out of money again” by turning your expenses into profit centers. Additionally, it focuses on howto turn your marketing expenses into a profit center. Basically, if you’re listening to the classic business advice it causes owners to focus on the wrong things, losing, and which may be responsible for the high failure rate of most businesses and entrepreneurs.

This is an alternative approach, where you get paid for everything you do… and specifically for the areas of expense in your business.

While the idea of turning expenses into profit centers may seem to be more work than it’s worth the main example of turning your marketing into a profit center is spot-on, solid, and simple.

This is certainly the best $7-report I’ve seen in a very long time.

As a final note, like most $7-reports, you earn a commission when you recommend and promote it to others. However, where other reports are 100% commission, this program pays on two tiers.

Consequently, there’s no 100% commission.

When you read the report, you’ll see why it would not have been the right thing to offer a 100% commission.

I recommend you check out and pick up a copy of Guerrilla Balance Sheet. You can get there by going to http://mscopeland.com/gbs

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One Response to “Guerrilla Balance Sheet Review”

  1. Vin says:


    I was talking to Ben Mack the other day, and he mentioned that I should
    get this book Guerrilla Balance Sheet, but it is off the market, so see if you can find it from someone.

    Do you have a copy that you are willing to share or sell?

    Best Regards,

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