What I do

I would say there are two main things I do.


I help offline businesses make more money by turning prospects into customers and customers into fans.  How do I do this? By internet marketing.  There is so much small businesses could do online that can help them get qualified leads for their business, ANY business.

It’s really impossible for a small business owner to keep up with all of the trends, tactics, search engine changes, products, methods and strategies.  If they did keep up with it, they wouldn’t be doing the thing they do.  Small business owners have enough to worry about than trying to figure out a PPC campaign or SEO title tags.

People DO NOT use the Yellow Pages any more.  They get on their computer, or smart phone and type in what they are looking for in Google. 

I’m the one who can get them on the first page of Google and other search engines.  I’m the one who can get leads to call. You are the one who can sit back and relax and turn those leads into sales.

Here’s some math for a minute.  Let’s use an example of a plumber.  His average call is $200 but his average emergency call is $800.  He wants to focus on emergency calls through online marketing.  On average he does 2 or 3 per month.  Now once I get involved, I get him to the top of google.  When people have an emergency they pull up google and immediately call because he;s the first one there.

Imagine if Mr. Plumber had 30 extra calls per month.  Do you think that would change his life?  That’s over $280,000 extra!  What if it was only 20 calls per month, or maybe just 15?  Would that still make a difference in his life and his family’s life?  You bet it would!


The thing I like the most is when someone comes to me with an idea, a movie script, or a product.  They know what they have is good but don’t know what to do from there.  Maybe they need funding or need viral marketing.I have this gift.  I can’t explain why I have it, but I just do.  When someone tells me an idea, most of the time I am able to have a vision of what it can become.  I literally “see” what it can be.  Then I reverse engineer that vision into actionable steps to get that end result or at least head in that direction.

People can pay me for that vision, that viral marketing, this will give you the best results vision… Or they can pay me to create and manage the whole process.  It really varies, from $500 on up to whatever.  Many times we work out partnership deals.  It all depends on the situation.

Now I can tell you that sometimes, I don’t get a vision.  So if you were to pay me $500 and I just don’t “see” anything, you get your money back.  I mean, I will not take your money and not deliver.  Pretty much, 90% of the time I am able to come up with something.  However, if I don’t think I can help you I’m not taking your money.

If you would like to contact me about your project or business you may call, email, or snail mail me.

Skype:  filmpod
Email:  mike at smlbis.com

PO BOX 1004
Elgin, IL 60120